Dearest Flamenco Community,

On December 18th, the National Institute of Flamenco's home of 15 years at 214 Gold Ave. SW in Albuquerque, New Mexico was lost to a fire. The entire damage is unknown at the moment, but flames spread from 210-214 Gold Ave, and thankfully stopped at a firewall. Fortunately, everyone evacuated the building harm free. We have created a new donation form if you'd like to send financial support, offer items, space or time, and send positive messages our way.

National Institute of Flamenco Fire Donation Form

We will be taking the next few days to get our thoughts together after this terrible loss, and will keep everyone updated as much as we can. Much love to our friends, families, students, partners, fellow artists and community for all your kind words. We appreciate all the help you're able to give.

The National Institute of Flamenco is a 501 c(3) non-profit, so any donation you make is tax-deductable.

For updates on support, recovery, and building info, click here.

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