Festival juvenil

Sponsored by the National Institute of FlamencoFestival Juvenil is the youth component of Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque. This new program launched as part of FFI 31 as the premier national flamenco camp for serious young flamenco dancers ages 10-15. Students will take exclusive Festival Juvenil classes together as part of a selective cohort of dancers, in addition to select Festival Flamenco workshops. Students will be surrounded by the vibrant energy of Festival Flamenco participants and over 40+ Spanish Guest Artists, as the camp is located on site with our full line up of Festival Flamenco workshops at the University of New Mexico. This program provides a bridge for teen and tween dancers who are ready for the next level of their flamenco training in a highly-focused, supportive, and supervised environment. 

 Student Levels
Teens and tweens ages 10-15 with higher levels of experience (3+ years of Flamenco Kids Camp or equivalent technique experience at their studio) may apply to participate in Festival Juvenil, the youth component of Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque. Please feel free to contact us regarding questions about student placement. We also offer our 2-week Flamenco Kids Camp for children ages 6-12, which is open to absolute beginners, new students, and children with beginning to intermediate level flamenco dance experience.

Performance Opportunity
The camp concludes with a free afternoon performance on Saturday, June 16th for friends and family at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, where students demonstrate all they have learned during the course of the Festival Juvenil. 

What’s included?

Within their cohort, dancers will take the following classes daily:

·      Stretch & Warm-Up

·      Beginning/Intermediate Flamenco Technique

·      Intermediate Choreography with Festival Guest Artist

·      Rhythm & Cajón with Festival Guest Artist

·      Cante with invited guest artist, Vicente Griego

·      Cuadro & Student Choreography with Yjastros Soloist, Carlos Menchaca

·      Private choreography review session for Festival Juvenil participants

·      Special Topic Rotation: Introduction to Costuming & Hands-On Sewing

Included with tuition, students also receive:

·      Festival Juvenil T-Shirt

·      Festival Juvenil Tote Bag

·      Custom Performance Costume

·      Youth Size Cajón (students will take the instrument home at the end of the camp)

·      Daily Sack Lunch & Snacks provided by Festival Flamenco’s “Café Olé”

·      and tickets to attend TWO (2) world-class flamenco performances held during Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque (1 ticket per show).