legacy in nm

Established in 1982, the National Institute of Flamenco has developed into an internationally significant arts
organization, unparalleled in its breadth and depth of programming. While creating and maintaining
international connections for the past thirty-six years, the Institute has enriched the city of Albuquerque with
the art of flamenco. Through performance, presentation, and education, the Institute impacts more lives than
any other single flamenco arts organization around the world.

The National Institute of Flamenco has created life-long pathways for student
engagement, encouraging permanent application of healthy patterns. In order to ensure long-term engagement
with culturally relevant physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits, the National Institute of Flamenco has
built an Educational Cradle to Career Pipeline.

Over four generations in New Mexico, flamenco has become a fixture in so many lives - each lifelong journey
unique, each one strengthening the fibers of the flamenco legacy in Albuquerque. Through the Institute’s Cradle
to Career Pipeline, flamenco study begins as early as three years of age at the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts,
where children are introduced to the dynamic and nuanced world of flamenco sensibility and discipline.
Through the incorporation of games, the youngest of flamenco students gain self-esteem and begin building
social skills, as their creative skills are nurtured. Most importantly, students begin to love learning.

Students can continue to deepen their studies and hone their skills through the children's curriculum and pre-professional training program at the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts. If they so choose, students grades 6-12 may also deepen their study of flamenco in the dance focus track of Tierra Adentro of New Mexico, a public charter school and one of the Institute's educational partners. In addition to Tierra Adentro of New Mexico, the Institute also maintains an invaluable educational partnership with the University of New Mexico. The University's Department of Theatre and Dance is home to the only accredited dance program in the United States in which flamenco is a concentration (BA, BAIA, MA, MFA).