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1999 - 2019

Yjastros: The American Flamenco Repertory Company

Yjastros was founded in 1999 under the direction of acclaimed artist Joaquin Encinias. Yjastros is the only true flamenco repertory company in the United States and a living archive of Flamenco.  The company is comprised of seasoned performers executing choreographies composed by Mr. Encinias and today’s most influential Flamenco artists from around the world.  The highly refined performances combine innovative dances with live musical and vocal accompaniment that leaves audiences spellbound.  

In 2012 Yjastros became the company in residence at the University of New Mexico Dance Program.  These two entities collaborate to host master artists from around the world through the UNM Guest Artist Line who construct choreographies, teach master classes, and continue to cultivate the living art of Flamenco in the United States.

YJASTROS 34 Featuring Daniel Doña, Cristian Martín, and the Orchestra of New Spain

The National Institute of Flamenco and the National Hispanic Cultural Center, in collaboration with the University of New Mexico, present Yjastros 34: The Rise of Flamenco. This stunning production features internationally-acclaimed guest artists, dancers/choreographers Daniel Doña (Granada, Spain) and Cristian Martín (Ávila, Spain), and the Orchestra of New Spain (Dallas, Texas) under the direction of Grover Wilkins III. Yjastros 34: The Rise of Flamenco traces the profound lineage of the art of flamenco, beginning with early Spanish dance and music forms, such as fandangos, jácara, and toná, taking the audience on an artistic journey through the musical and gestural forms that become modern flamenco. 


Both Doña and Martín have garnered some of the most prestigious awards in flamenco and Spanish dance, including the Premio Ojo Critico (Doña), the Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid (Martín). Their unique artistic vision brings the distant past into a dynamic relationship with the contemporary, immersing the audience in moving, unforgettable dance and music.

 The Orchestra of New Spain, under the direction of Grover Wilkins III, draws its principal repertory from manuscripts found in the court, public, and cathedral archives of Spain. Ten guest musicians and vocalists will travel to Albuquerque, forming the awe-inspiring musical accompaniment to the performance, grounded in Spanish artistic heritage. Yjastros will debut new choreography created and set by Doña and Martín, and take the stage with these brilliant guest dancers and musicians to manifest an aesthetic experience unlike any other.

 In February, Yjastros will perform with Daniel Doña, Cristian Martín, and the Orchestra of New Spain in the Orchestra’s home city of Dallas. In March, Yjastros returns to their home city of Albuquerque to take the stage at the Journal Theatre with Daniel Doña, Cristian Martín, and the Orchestra of New Spain.







MARCH 15th AND 16th



 TICKETS: $30, $40, $50, $60 (discounts available for seniors, students, and NHCC members)

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COMING SOON! The National Institute of Flamenco is proud to present, in partnership with Incredible Films, a year-long behind the scenes documentary series about Yjastros: The American Flamenco Repertory Company. Please join us on this artistic journey documenting and celebrating Yjastros in their 20th year!





In 1999, Yjastros: The American Flamenco Repertory set forth on a journey that would become America’s most unique flamenco project-- combining the mosaic quality of the American repertory company with the authentic idiom of flamenco, creating a living archive of flamenco masterworks. Yjastros begins its 20th year with a weekend performance at the National Hispanic Cultural Center November 9th – 10th, presenting a stunning display of the full range of emotional and choreographic possibilities in flamenco repertory. A thrilling artistic journey, Yjastros 33 presents works choreographed by master flamenco artists Adrián Santana, Águeda Saavedra, Irene “La Sentío,” and Sonia Olla. 

These exceptional choreographies are made possible through our partnership with the University of New Mexico. With support from the University of New Mexico, visiting flamenco master artists from Spain have worked closely with Yjastros, the university’s flamenco company in-residence, since the 2012 inception of the Guest Artist in Residence Line.

Yjastros' 32nd Season

Yjastros: The American Flamenco Repertory Company proudly brings the creative visions of world-renowned flamenco artists to the American pubic, while cultivating the living art of flamenco in the United States. Celebrating their 32nd season, Yjastros come together after a year of profound individual growth. Within the past year, company members have honed their artistic expression both through the spontaneous, improvisational world of the Tablao and their own individual artistic projects. The simultaneously traditional and innovative nature of this season’s choreographies perfectly embodies the company’s triumphant return to the stage. 

Jesús Carmona’s piece, Catorce Dias, takes its title from the brief time period--just fourteen days--in which he had to choreograph this ambitious work. Elementos, choreographed by Adrián Santana, pays homage to Málaga, the beautiful seaside town where he was born. In this work, Santana utilizes emblematic music and rhythm to guide the journey through imagery inspired by the beauty of the seaside. Jaleos 5J, choreographed by Pedro Córdoba, imitates the superior quality of the Jamón Serrano from animals raised in natural environments. Daniel Doña’s Suite “Pre-Flamenca” was inspired by pre-flamenco music and the curiosity provoked by the popular choreographic language of the early eighteenth century. 

With support from the University of New Mexico, visiting flamenco master artists from Spain have worked closely with Yjastros since 2012. Artistic Director Joaquin Encinias’ mission over the last 17 years to train professional dancers in America with high skill and integrity brings these master artists to Albuquerque to create new works and continue the development of flamenco as a living art form.