the conservatory of flamenco arts

The Conservatory of Flamenco Arts (CFA) is the school of the National Institute of Flamenco.  The National Institute of Flamenco, founded in 1982, is an arts-based non-profit organization which exists to preserve and promote flamenco’s artistry, history, and culture by presenting the finest flamenco in the world and by educating the American family in this art form while emphasizing the positive influence of art on family and community.

Established in 1999, CFA offers year-round, community-based and pre-professional dance training as well as music programming in Albuquerque, New Mexico’s historic Sawmill District.  CFA is a world-renowned flamenco school that follows a proven curriculum to offer pre-professional training, professional development, and community enrichment in an inclusive and nurturing environment. The School’s diverse and professional faculty provides comprehensive and progressive instruction; CFA teaching faculty consists of accomplished and master resident teachers as well as invited guest artists. There are opportunities for students to perform in our school.  CFA also includes pre-professional student companies for dancers ages 8-18.

At the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts (CFA), we offer instruction in two separate tracks: Community Classes and the Pre-Professional Training Program. Dancers in Community Classes may be beginners, or may have many years of study and be knowledgeable in the art of flamenco, but desire training in a setting that is more relaxed. Dancers in the Pre-Professional Training Program may be aspiring professional performers and choreographers, or simply interested in studying this art in the most intensive and comprehensive way possible. These tracks are not hierarchical. Students in each distinct track will be engaged with the art at the pace of their choice.

COMMUNITY CLASSES offer a focused and diverse plan of study. These classes are intended for individuals who are new or relatively new to flamenco and or desire a more relaxed training experience.

The PRE-PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM incorporates a comprehensive curriculum, designed to develop well-rounded dancers. With the discipline, confidence, and skill cultivated through CFA’s Pre-Professional Training Program, students are equipped to pursue careers as professional dancers, dance in higher education, or find success in other fields.

The CFA tracks of engagement further breakdown into four programs of study designed for students of different levels, ages, and interests.


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Here at NIF we believe that sharing flamenco with our children is the most special thing we do. Take a look at Eva Encinias teaching our 3-4 year olds in her Saturday class. Drop by the National Institute of Flamenco or check out our website for more info to get your kiddos enrolled today-you can start at anytime!

This spring our youth companies performed in ‘Los Flamenquitos Siguen Bailando’ at the South Broadway Cultural Center!