Young Flamenco Philanthropists (YFP)


THE Young Flamenco Philanthropists IS A GROUP OF YOUNG AND Fierce  FLAMENCO DANCERS WHO ARE COMMITTED TO THEIR STUDY OF THE FLAMENCO ART FORM. EACH YEAR THEY WORK HARD by grassroots FUNDRAISING THROUGH FLAMENCO FLASH MOBS TO PURCHASE TICKET PACKAGES FOR FESTIVAL FLAMENCO INTERNACIONAL DE ALBUQUERQUE. THESE TICKET PACKAGES ALLOW THE STUDENTS TO EXPERIENCE THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF FLAMENCO PERFORMANCE RIGHT HERE IN ALBUQUERQUE. The YFC are not only grassroots fundraisers, they are also philanthropists. Once they meet the amount of money needed for Festival Flamenco, they give generously to other students who are in need of financial support. They gift these students with tickets to Festival Flamenco and help them pay for workshops. These young teens are a well-rounded group and are setting the standard for other young students.




Marisa Quezada - Cristina Salazar - Njoki Mwithi - Sage Walstrom - Xiomara Quinones

Cienna Chavez - Jazmine Vargas - Margarita Sandoval - Rebecca Pattichis - Isabella Nuanez -

Aileen Gonzalez - Anelé Niambi - Careaga Coleman - Liz Alarid- West - Madison Olguin -

Crystal Carbajal

This year French Funerals and Cremations and Coleman  Travelstead offered a match of  $5,500 to  YFC.
The girls put so much effort and focus into meeting this match. Inspired and joyful , they went out into
the community and raised all the money they needed to to meet the match. This was by far our most
successful year. These young people have an abundance of motivation and  very inspired by the people
of Albuquerque and Santa Fe and their generosity.



If you'd like to host the Youth Fundraising Council, please contact Caro Acuña at 505-977-8886.

TEDxABQ: Flamenco Youth Fundraising Council