National Institute of Flamenco


Four years ago on December 18th, NIF had a terrible fire that destroyed our home of many years on Gold Avenue.

Every year on this day, we are reminded of the resiliency of the organization and our community in the face of much uncertainty, and we are reminded of the hopefulness of a new chapter. We just wrapped up a beautiful weekend, celebrating the 19th Annual Recital Navideño. We are reminded constantly that our flamenco community is strong and deep.

It’s only fitting that we announce today that the National Institute of Flamenco and Tierra Adentro: The New Mexico School of Academics, Art, and Artesanía will embark on the beginning phase of our dream to build a permanent home in the Sawmill neighborhood. This project will have several phases; Tierra Adentro’s opening this January is phase one, and the Institute’s opening in the fall of 2018 is phase 2! Thank you all for being a part of our community and our family through the challenges and blessings. Óle!


Upcoming Events



Study flamenco with our guest artist from Madrid this summer! Internationally-celebrated dancer and teacher "La Popi" teaches Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced technique and repertory, Clase de Complementos, and Tablao Prep/Practicum. Globally-acclaimed singer Roberto Lorente teaches Cante Flamenco. Our master artists are in residence through August 11th.



Ready to start your flamenco journey? All adults begin classes at the Conservatory of Flamenco Arts in the Adult Flamenco Experience four-week series. After your first four weeks, you are invited to take the series again or move up to Adult Flamenco Experience I. Class is taken as a package - no drop-ins, please.


jota for kids

Beginning Jota introduces young students to Spanish folk dance, featuring a different style of castanet work from flamenco dance, along with lively vertical movement. 

Open to students in Child II, Child III, Child IV, and the Youth Training Program. 

$13 drop-in, 30-Day unlimited class cards also available. 


Special topics for adults: sevillanas

Designed for beginning and continuing adult students who would like to learn Sevillanas. No experience necessary. 

$13 drop-in, 30-Day unlimited class cards also available. 


Baby flamenco

Baby Flamenco teaches rhythm, coordination, and classroom etiquette. This class gives young children foundations for further flamenco study.

$13 drop-in, 30-Day unlimited class cards also available. 


boomers plus Beginning flamenco at a gentle pace

Designed for older adults and seniors. This gently paced class introduces adult beginning students to the fundamentals of flamenco. 

$13 drop-in.